Honor Gini Courter - and support creative UU ministries - with a Donation to Faithful Risk

As of September 17, 2013

Amount raised: $4,482

Donors: 105

Average donation: $43

Faithful Risk honors UUA Moderator Gini Courter’s commitment to creative, faithful Unitarian Universalist ministries in and beyond congregations. 

Your donations to Faithful Risk will help create Faithify, a crowdfunding platform that is itself an entrepreneurial ministry to our UU movement. 

Faithify will work like Indigogo, Kickstarter, and other crowdfunding platforms – site visitors will be able to browse, follow, share, and fund exciting UU ministry projects.  Sponsors of UU ministries will in turn be able to collect financial support via the site by posting a short video, pictures, and description. 

Once Faithful Risk donations exceed $10,000, funds will be distributed through Faithify itself to support UU ministries that take risks, solve unsolved problems, are accountable to funders and to the community, and will share what they learn.

Stay tuned for the formal launch of Faithify in June 2014.   Donate to Faithful Risk today!

Please note: the tax status of these donations has not yet been determined.

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Or mail in your check payable to "MBD Faithful Risk":

Mass Bay/Clara Barton UUA
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