Revitalizing Your Congregation

Sat, 11/10/2012 - 8:30am - 12:30pm

with Rev. Gordon Dragt
Location: Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church, Harvard, MA

Rev. Gordon DragtThis workshop is for congregational leaders who seek to:

  • bring new life to a declining or dying congregation,
  • jump-start a congregation stuck on a plateau,
  • turn a congregation toward a positive and relevant new direction, or
  • nourish, sustain and increase emergent congregational growth.

Discover energy and enjoyment in your church leadership! Come be encouraged, inspired, and empowered! Growth, diversity, transformation and sustainability are possible in any and all congregational settings and circumstances, including your own.
In this presentation, you will:

  • explore proven principles to encourage congregational (re)vitalization,
  • learn about the character and nature of the adventurous journey through various stages of congregational transformation, and
  • leave with three or four doable strategies you can adapt to your own particular setting and circumstance to increase and sustain congregational vitality.

Rev. Gordon Dragt has spent more than forty years of transformational ministry that includes a new church start; a suburban church; churches in small towns, a large university town, and New York City. Twenty of those years, he spent pulling the Middle Collegiate Church in Manhattan away from the entrance to the "church grave." He has become an informative and passionate encourager, supporter and cheerleader for church leaders who want to encourage and sustain emergent life in their congregations. Today, his ministry is to share proven principles and models for revitalizing congregations.

He is the author of One Foot Planted in the Center, the Other Dangling Off the Edge, in which he describes the dramatic journey of taking Middle Collegiate Church in Manhattan from a struggling congregation of 27 active participants to a thriving and diverse ministry of over 1000. For more information about our presenter, please visit his website.

$50 per person; $35 ministry students
This workshop is full. Registration is closed.