Faith Formation for the 21st Century: Designing the Future of Faith Formation

Tue, 12/11/2012 - 10:00am - 3:00pm

John Robertowith John Roberto, President,
LifelongFaith Associates
Location: First Parish Church in Weston, MA
Cosponsored by our local chapters of LREDA and the UUMA.

This workshop for religious professionals addresses the following questions:

  • How can faith formation flourish in churches over the next ten years?
  • How can churches prepare for the future of faith formation and address the diverse spiritual and religious needs of people today?
  • What are the hopeful signs and promising innovations that can guide faith formation for all ages and generations?

We know that the first decade of the 21st century has brought dramatic political, economic, social and cultural changes affecting virtually every dimension of American religious life. Faith formation will require new principles, models, approaches, and technologies for the 21st century. These presentations will help you understand the new context for faith formation, develop a vision and model for 21st century faith formation, and explore a variety of strategies for bringing the vision to life. Specifically the workshop will:

  1. Analyze significant driving forces influencing faith formation (social, cultural, religious, demographic, economic, technological) and the diversity of spiritual and religious needs of people and communities today.
  2. Explore four scenarios for envisioning the future of faith formation in a congregation.
  3. Present a 21st century model of faith formation—“A Lifelong Faith Formation Network”—that seeks to address the diversity of spiritual and religious needs of people and communities today, and utilize the newest approaches, resources, and technologies to bring the Network to life in a congregation.
  4. Offer a variety of practical strategies, ideas, innovations, and resources for targeting the spiritual and religious needs of people in all four scenarios.

John Roberto is president of LifelongFaith Associates (, editor of the journal Lifelong Faith, and coordinator for the Faith Formation 2020 Initiative ( John also works on the Vibrant Faith Ministries team as project coordinator of the Faith Formation Learning Exchange ( John works as a consultant to churches and national organizations, teaches courses and conducts workshops in faith formation, and has authored books and program manuals in youth ministry, family ministry, and intergenerational faith formation.

John created the theory and practice of Generations of Faith—an intergenerational, lifelong approach to faith formation; and administered the five-year Lilly Endowment funded project to develop lifelong faith formation in Catholic parishes across the U.S. His latest publications include Faith Formation 2020: Designing the Future of Faith, The Spirit and Culture of Youth Ministry (co-authored), Living Well: Christian Practices for Everyday Life, Becoming a Church of Lifelong Learners, and four volumes of intergenerational learning programs in the People of Faith series.

$50 per person, includes lunch

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